Tent Island

There is a small island in the Gulf Island chain of British Columbia that seems to be off the radar of, well, just about everyone. I’m hesitant to give its exact whereabouts but it is, after all, on the charts so I’m not giving away any secrets.

Tent Island is off the southwest corner of Kuper Island and has no apparent official status. It is just there, as all land once was. As far as I know, it is not a park so does not come with lists of rules nor with uniformed officials to enforce these rules. It does, however, have trails among magnificent arbutus forests that also include gargantuan Douglas firs and western red cedars.

There is a small bay, not particularly sheltered but suitable as an anchorage in settled weather. Of course, a kayak could be used to approach the island and there are a number of suitable campsites. Don’t tell anyone though.