Hello. When working as a photographer, it can be frustrating that no one else sees many of my photographs. This blog allows a few of my day-to-day photos to be viewed by anyone who is interested.


5 Responses to About

  1. ömer says:

    hi my name ömer we met in assos i hope you remember me.i appreciate you and your journey. i am 53 years old. i ride bicycle everydays and somedays i go to my garden it is 14 km to i live home i live elazığ (Elazig) city i am a neurosurgeon in this city since 1993 (twenty years old) i have three children my wife is housewife, my mother is ill multiple sclerosis, she cant walk my father is 84 years old.so i think it is impossible but i want to ride with you i like journey and go to another country. but i think i am old too for this journey. i read your blog of about turkey i think you will go to greece iceland but you will stay in turkey because you can stay only 90 days in europe.

  2. ömer says:

    awaiting moderation?

  3. ayden59 says:

    hi how are you i looked you havent wrote long time

  4. ayden59 says:

    since 17 may
    we flew istanbul.

  5. Congratulations, Ian! I have nominated you for a Liebster Award. I think the hard work you have put into your blog deserves recognition. You can find out more about the award on my blog here:
    It’s now up to you whether you choose to accept it. I hope you do.
    All the best, Graham

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