A Journey to Bavaria and the Black Forest

So many destination pieces rave about the place with not a bad word to say and it seems that the writer just wants to be nice, not very creative. However, in some cases it’s difficult not to wax on about the beauty of a place. On a European road trip we always manage to find yet another historic gem and this one was no exception. In fact we found a few. The initial destination from our village in SW France was rural Bavaria but of course we had to cross France to get there. At the edge of the Alps, still in France, we stopped at Annecy and were smitten once again by yet another medieval town, this time a lakeside one, criss-crossed with canals.

We left there and crossed Switzerland by the Furkapasse and its classic Alpine vistas and stayed a few nights in Lindau, Germany on Lake Constance. Here we had our first example of a traditional German meal, a meat platter for two. It would have fed a small family but the two of us managed to almost get through it.

In Bavaria we experienced some lovely traditional German villages and toured King Ludwig’s palace at Linderhof before heading to the Black Forest and Freiburg. This is a university town with an ancient city centre dominated by Freiburg Minster a huge cafe culture (or more accurately a giant-stein-of-beer culture),

and thousands of bicycles with their own roads.

From here it was a short side trip to yet another French town called Colmar. After all these medieval places you’d think we’d tire of them or take them for granted but no. Once again there was a collective gasp at first sight.