Panjim aka Panaji

Panjim or Panaji is the main town in the Indian State of Goa. Goa was part of Portugal until the early 1960s and the colonial architecture remains, some of it decaying and some restored. The centre of this is the Fontanhas Quarter also known as the Old Quarter. Panjim is a little sleepier, a little cleaner, and a little quieter than other Indian towns of a comparable size but that isn’t to say it’s quiet. Horns still blare, just not so many of them. In urban Indian scenes it’s always the colour amid the dust and chaos that grabs you and the bulk of this colour is women’s clothing with a few fruit stands and pastel-coloured buildings thrown in. However, one day a year, the end of the lunar winter, is the Holi Festival where people paint their faces and there is a festive flare to the streets. We were fortunate to witness this, and have colours smeared on our faces in Panjim.